Daybrightener's Astounding Resounding & Syncopation Symphony

by Johnny Daybrightener

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Johnny Daybrightener was a friend of mine.

Conversations with Johnny had a lingering quality - his head was invariably in the clouds, there was poetry in his way of speaking. One time we talked about how trees went through different life stages, just like people. "There are young trees, old trees, teenage trees" he told me. I'd never thought of it that way and the conversation stayed with me.

Johnny was well known in Newcastle. Most people knew him as the old guy with a multicoloured-dyed-beard who could be seen almost every day on Darby street, playing the tambourine, asking for a couple of bucks "for the greengrocer". He was also an artist and created vibrant paintings and collages.

During one visit to Johnny's apartment, his self declared 'Castle of Kindness' he handed me a cassette tape of his most recent composition, Syncopation Symphony. With a crazy glint in his eye he made me promise I'd look after the tape. Listening now, I can see him banging away on his drums and keyboard, deep in reverie - flying high, whirling free, unfettered expression.

- January 2017, Carlin Dally


Remedy Man
Happy King Spirit
Johnny and the Daynighters
The Pittman Rainbow Orchestra
The Monarchs of Many Rainbows
The Prince of Squaws
The Friends of the Poor Woman
Johnny Sandpitman and the Pupils
Johnny Appleseed and the Fruit Seeds
Johnny Strongjoy and the MerryMakers
Time Signature Ted and the Teddy Boys
Hurricane Harry and the Happy Kids
Ballantyne's Bond Strengtheners
Wisdom Ponderer and the Mother Huggers
Johnny Hamstring and the Three Tendons
Johnny Heartwell and the Onion Peelers
Johnny Thunderstruck and the Lightning Ridge Sapphires
Squirrel Red and the Three Square Apples
Poppa Poverty and the Three Square Meals
Rectangle Reg and the Trigonometry Trio
No Discrimination Noddy and the Talent Selectors (presenting their new single Trout Scout - out soon on the fabulous Wardrobe label)
Johnny Godlover and the Sharp-sighted Angels
Johnny Ironrule and the Pissweak Treats
Mattress Matthew and the Lone Prone Dreamer (singing songs in their sleep)
Johnny Flame Kindler and the Powder Keg Sparks
Doctor Dearer and the Purse String Pipers
Organ Arse and the Organisers
The Power of Attorney versus the Power of a Turnip
Johnny Thinksay and Angels from Heaven


released January 22, 2017

Improv recording by John Pittman
Mastered by Carlin Dally



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Hidden Sky Canberra, Australia

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